How to Overcome the Fear of Death

Contemplating the thought of death being so near is something we should all encounter. Have you thought about what it would be like to be 80 years old with death creeping in too close for comfort?

Many residents at the retirement home are satisfied with their lives, and they have no regrets. They made peace with themselves and are ready to pass. They learned to love themselves and everything around them; they visited the world, accomplished all their goals, watched their children grow into adults, and saw many deaths and other dramatic events.  These people have one of the greatest gifts known to man, wisdom.  They are so in tune with themselves; they know bad things happened, but it only got better. They understand many things that young people cannot possibly fathom. They learned many things that can only be learned through experience. They were lovers, fighters and everything in between.

To say I have accomplished everything I needed to do, and I have done everything I needed to do in my life is the greatest achievement for myself and quite possibly everyone else. Whenever a resident or another older person tells me that, I can’t possibly understand it fully because I have too much to carry out now. I have too many things I want to do. However, what I do understand by listening to them is that I have time. The most precious thing in the world.

Overcoming the Fear

Getting over the fear of death is not always simple, but it can be.  What I usually do is listen to a philosophers idea of what death is. It soothes your mind. It is important to realize that death is not scary, and is not the end. Live your life not in fear of death, but instead about death. Use the end as a motivator to carry out what means most to you. Spend each and everyday with a positive outlook. Focus on intrinsic happiness, such as: spending time with friends, family, and more importantly yourself. If you follow a path of being positive, open-minded,  not too serious, and you consistently seek to improve you will overcome the fear of dying.

If you ever get the chance to visit a retirement home, do it.  It will teach you things you wouldn’t learn anywhere else. This is our first blog.  Enjoy it. Learn from it.   As always positive feedback is welcome.

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