• What is the farthest back memory that you can recall right now? Were you 3, 4 or maybe 5 years old? Chances are that you do not remember exactly how old you were but you can remember it like it was yesterday. Sometimes the details are a little bit fuzzy but you can always remember the feeling that you had that day. Since we are not extremely detail-oriented creatures, we rely on those feelings as a tool to help us “piece” the story back together. During this time of putting the memory back together, it is common for us to make mistakes. It is all too common because one mistake while recalling a memory can tamper it forever. Eventually it becomes a reality to us that this is really how it happened and we have no idea we ever changed it. On top of this, our perception and level of awareness at the time dictated our feelings at that given moment. Since our perception was 100% different when we were an infant than now, we probably did not even analyze the situation properly to begin with. Needless to say, there is much room for error when it comes to our memories. Here is an example of creating a memory in two separate situations:

   Situation 1:

  • This is the first trip that Bob has ever made to this particular store. The specific item he wishes to purchase is currently out of stock. It has already been a rough day. Bob is just ready to go home and eat dinner but everything that can go wrong is going wrong. He leaves the store with a very hot temper deciding that the store will never get his business again.

Situation 2:

  • This is the first trip that Bob has ever made to this particular store. The specific item he is currently looking for is out of stock.

” It is alright though because another store is right down the street” he thinks to himself.

“It will only take a little longer than expected. It has been a great day and it will not be ruined by such a small inconvenience.”

When Bob leaves, he has no hard feelings about the store. He understands that things happen.


  • Different energy levels
  • Time of day
  • Lack of sleep vs. enough sleep
  • Poor nutrition vs. good nutrition
  • Unpleasant daily interruptions
  • Differences in weather
  • Level of hunger

The point is that all of these factors and more affect how we feel every single day. The perception of a store, an everyday thing in our lives, can be changed by several influencing factors. We truly are products of our environment. This goes to show that it is more than possible that we rely on some inaccurate feelings generated at the time of the recorded memory to help us remember what “really happened”. Perception dictates what feelings we have and ultimately the memories we record. Remember that whenever you go into a public place, there are potentially hundreds if not thousands of things going on around you that you cannot possibly keep track of so you pick out just a small piece to define as your reality. What you perceive at the time is rarely the full story, even if you would put your life on it that it was.

If everybody you meet can perceive you as a positive, trustworthy, effective person, does that not guarantee that eventually one of the thousands and thousands of people you meet over your lifetime will want to utilize that aspect of you? Do simple nice things for people whenever you can because their memory of you will only be of the feeling you made them generate inside of themselves. They will not remember what color your shirt was or what kind of shoes you were wearing, but they will remember that you did something nice for them. If people only have good memories of you, the sum of all them makes it easier for others to support you and lift you to success. Remember, you remember what you CHOOSE to pay attention to. Make it the right things and you will have a happy life. Create an environment where you have good feelings and all other aspects of your life will flourish. Success is a mindset and a set of habits. Make instilling good memories of yourself in other peoples’ minds a habit and see how it positively changes your life.





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