Focus, Concentration, Genius

What does it mean to be smart? Are you smart? Are your friends smart? How about your parents? Many people have an opinion that being smart is about being able to regurgitate information from text books and knowing a ton of random trivia however, the problem with this theory is that random trivia will not help you in the real world unless you are on Jeopardy or some similar game show. Intelligence actually stems from focus and concentration. The only “kind” of intelligence that really matters is that of which will help you do what is best for yourself in this game we call life.

Here is a fact; humans are designed only being able to focus on one thing at a time. Many people would argue and say that they multitask all the time but the truth is they are concentrating on one thing at a time and moving to another task through a psychological shift several times. This can happen multiple times per second which creates an illusion of multitasking. Here is the brain process for anybody who would like a reason for why this is true. This is the process we go through when concentrating. 

  1.  We decide consciously that we are going to do a task. Almost simultaneously, blood rushes to the    prefrontal cortex of the brain.
  2. Step 1 alerts the brain to find the right neurons for job and to tell them what to do to complete the job
  3. distraction sets in and the new activity causes the process to start over with step 1

This process can happen as many as 10 times in one second! The illusion while we are multitasking is that we are getting more done but those who multitask are actually spending 15% of their time just trying to refocus. That is time where absolutely nothing is getting done. Those who are intelligent simply have harnessed their own power of concentration. They have learned to eliminate distraction and have found the forces within to ignore outside, unrelated events in their life. 

Upon learning this knowledge, it is up to you to start a new habit of concentrating. If you feel that you are too easily distracted, the good news is that you can eliminate that. Concentration is not something you are born with, it is a skill you develop over time. The only way you can better at something is if you practice so try this activity today. Choose a big task that will take at least a half hour to an hour. Commit to it and finish the project while letting NOTHING distract you unless it is something that must absolutely be handled. When you are finished, observe how during the task it may have been rough but now it is done. It is possible to stay away from distractions and be extremely productive. When you reach a point where you can focus and concentrate for hours on end if you choose, you have become a genius. Combine this concentration with useful content concerning life, and there is no way that you will fail. Your destiny is up to you and nobody else, start learning to focus TODAY!

-Team YoungLifeP



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