7 Personalities That Create A Mastermind

It is important to use the following link while listening to our podcast, so here are our diagrams for our 7 Mastermind Personalities group. This will encourage a deeper level of understanding while listening. If you do not have the podcast open you can check it out and follow along here. Mastermind Groups Podcast

Understanding personalities can be a very daunting task.  With all the vocabulary and terms that come along with it, it definitely takes time to get a firm grasp on the concept. Young Life Perception is proud to announce that we have developed visual aid for each personality that will take your comprehension of personalities to a new level. Here is an example.


This is a chart that must be interpreted but there is no difficulty in doing so whatsoever.  As you can see, this looks like a graph. The size of the bars represents what dominance the function has compared to the other functions. In other words, the largest bar is the most dominant function and as the bars get smaller, their dominance decreases all the way down to the least dominant (inferior) function.

When looking at ENTP, we see that extraverted intuition (the yellow bar) is the biggest out of the four. It falls in the column that is labeled as ‘Extraverted’ so the dominant function is extraverted intuition (Ni). This says that the ENTP has a dominant function of entertaining several ides at once to find the best solution. The ability to allow several things to be possible at once formulates a “new whole” which decisions and opinions are based on. The dominant function is this personality’s greatest strength.

The next largest bar is the blue bar which symbolizes thinking. We can see that it is in the column labeled as introverted so the second most dominant (auxiliary) function is introverted thinking. That means that the ideas this person thinks of do not necessarily always reach the real world. Before executing anything, it must be thought out almost to the point of perfection. This person is particularly good at taking in information, filing it and storing in a place where it is easily accessible inside of their minds.

These are the two functions the person wants to use because these are the functions that have an almost unlimited source of energy. With the ENTP, all the alternative solutions being constantly provided by the extraverted intuition are constantly being picked at and sorted through by the introverted thinking. When ideas provided by the intuition are not logically valid to the thinking function, they are dismissed altogether. Finding something that utilizes these two strengths for ENTP will allow them to rise to some of the best in the field. They are made to perform extraverted intuition and introverted thinking.

On the other side of things, ENTP is weaker at extraverted feeling which is its third dominant (Tertiary) function. Emotions are mostly kept inside and not communicated well to the external world. Thinking and intuition are the main drivers of the personality so feeling does not always get accounted for. The least dominant of the functions (inferior) is introverted sensing. This focuses on collecting raw data and comparing it to past experiences. This weakness is what allows the ENTP to be creative and inventive. They do not look to the past data and compare it rather they focus on the present and the future.

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