A Universal Truth

How is “being right” about a situation defined? After all, we as a human race are constantly updating and revising our inventory of knowledge and facts. A good majority of what was considered true about the brain ten years ago is now considered largely incorrect. Just ten years of advancement allowed us to look at things completely differently and this process has repeated since the beginning days of humans. It seems as though maybe “being right” is only relative to the time, the extent of our current knowledge and having the majority vote on your side.

There are 85% of people in our population that rely on their 5 senses as their main source of gathering information. This makes them aware of their surroundings which means seeing is believing for the most part. These people are very good at pulling in raw data or physical sensations of the immediate environment and comparing them with past experiences. This means that for each event, a lesson can be learned for that specific occurrence. Since this group represents the majority, does that mean that viewpoint is technically right?

What about the 15% of people who rely on their intuition as the main way of gathering information from their world? These people are not as aware of their immediate surroundings but learn well through concepts and ideas. They do not have to learn from experiencing situations with their 5 senses rather they can learn a lesson one time and apply to different areas of life. Where many people would not make a connection, people with higher intuition develop a deeper level of understanding instead of just looking at the surface and making a judgment.

Here is a thought developed by intuition. Gravity is a universal force. This means that it affects the universe and it affects everything in the universe, all the way down to the smallest particles. This force of gravity is present and everybody can see its effects but what about the universal forces that we do not know about. It is ignorant to think that with how microscopic we are to the universe that we have a full understanding of all of its forces. There are stars in our universe that dwarf our sun and there are millions of them. The sun dwarfs our planet earth and our earth makes us look like electrons when we are compared to its vast size.

Who is to say that there are not universal forces that dictate the way we act. At the most basic level, everything is energy. Looking at things on our real world scale looks very complex often with no pattern associated. Dropping down to the molecular level brings things into a different perspective. Diving deeper into the atomic level, a clear pattern is seen. Each individual atom is listed on the Periodic Chart of Science. Going down one more level we have the electron size particles and finally down to the last possible state, pure energy.

Working our way back up the chart, we start with pure energy, which makes up electron size particles which makes up atoms which makes up molecules which makes up our entire reality that we see every waking moment of our lives. Everything at its very basic level truly is pure energy. What if the universe has a force in its rules of physics that dictates how energy operates? We do not have the ability or the technology to truly observe our real world as pure energy.

As humans, we have developed a set of filters that we see the world through. What we see every day is at best an interpretation of what is truly around us. What are the qualifications for “being right”? As far as I can see, “being right” can in many instances be used interchangeably with the majority’s opinion. Taking in this idea can open one’s eyes to why different cultures and opinions have a right to be there. Arguing over who is right has caused many fights and broken relationships when we are constantly changing our definition of “being right” anyway.

Learn to constantly open your mind up to more and more things. We as individual people represent only 1 out of 16 personalities. All of these personalities see the world in a slightly different light.  There is a lot to learn and there will always be a lot to learn. This is not from all the people who are like you but the people who are different! Only accepting and befriending people who are like you is means to a social dead-end. It is only possible to grow by putting yourself outside of your comfort zone and exposing yourself to new things. Go out and try something new today, provide the nutrients you need to help yourself grow as a person; you will be ecstatic that you did later down the road.

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