Dominant Feeler: It’s Not What You Think

Some Feeler Tendencies

You may find yourself consistently changing the way people feel. You may also notice that the people around you can affect the way you feel. Therefore, in order for you to be happy you must create harmony within the group.

Trying to handle things in a logical and rational way, but approaching the situation and completely reverting back to your strength and the plan you had to be rational changed.  You might be a dominant feeler.  Join me in the voyage inside the mind of a feeler. (Fe and Fi)

                                Thinkers vs. Feelers

Bosses enjoy having you on their team. You create harmony within the group of coworkers, and keep consumers happy. Although you seem to be someone who loves people, deep down it’s very draining in a world full of negativity.  It may take you awhile to become friends with others, and to understand the logical ways of the thinkers. But, you will soon learn that surrounding yourself with positive, open-minded people keeps you refreshed and powerful.

As you dig deeper, you’ll find that what you have is actually a very powerful tool.  You’re someone who creates something that others find difficult to create, harmony.  You can help thinkers by adding emotion to an already powerfully, logical idea.

If we dive even deeper, we find that we’re excellent at reading situations, expressions, and people’s actions.  Feelers can pick up on tone and change it.  Naturally, we encourage people to use their strengths, do what they enjoy and follow their dreams.  It’s true that the feelers feel a feeling of euphoria when seeing their partner or another person happy. (Quite the tongue twister!)  They do in fact, recharge and revitalize their minds by creating harmony.

Thinkers have feelings, and feelers can think logically, but when it comes down to decision making, our values that are dominant will make the call on whether to be more sensitive or logical.  This is important to remember.  To really understand what values you hold in high esteem, you have to find out yourself.  Only you can figure out if you’re more sensitive to how others feel or if you approach situations with a more logical sense.

It’s easier to communicate with someone else who knows about personalities and start recording how you act in certain situations.  Find a friend who fits your personality, but actually thinks in a different way and discuss with them your values.

As for us Dominant Feelers, we live by Charlie Chaplin’s famous saying, “Our knowledge has made us cynical, our cleverness hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little”.

“We are the Young Life Perception”

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