You Are A Genius

You are a genius. The traditional method of judging intelligence is looking at how far in school someone made it and how well they did. After all, isn’t it just common sense that grades in an academic institution would indicate the level of intelligence that someone has? This has been the way it has been for decades and we are here to dispute this inaccurate way of judging someone’s intelligence level. Here is a thought; all humans are imperfect and all systems are designed by humans so wouldn’t that mean it is possible and maybe even likely that every system created is imperfect?

Times are constantly changing so nothing lasts forever. When a system is imperfect to begin with, you can combine that with the idea that everything is always changing to predict that these systems will fail at some time in the future. It is an inevitable fact. A few examples of these flawed systems created by humans include but are not limited to:

  1. Education
  2. Government
  3. Social Security
  4. Corporations

Education will be focused on in this blog because it is unreasonable and unrealistic to think that the traditional method of education should be applied to everybody and those who fail are just not intelligent. Children who go to school that cannot sit still are told that they need Adderall. In reality, they may just have a dominant function of extravert sensing. Here is a side by side comparison of two very different personality types to illustrate how learning is done in completely different ways.


This type of person has introverted intuition as their dominant function.  This function creates a central point of information and continuously adds to that central point to build a deep understanding of whatever topic they choose. This individual looks past the surface and finds deeper meanings and relationships between ideas. This is often done using concepts and theories rather than rock solid facts.  Processes like this often lead to this individual to having a hard time communicating the depth to someone else in a way that they can understand. Those with a dominant or secondary function of introverted intuition are extremely talented at taking in things that people say and making connections that the other person had not even thought of before. Peace and harmony is found while taking in information and adding depth.Example: In class the talks about cognitive functions. Billy has been fascinated with personality types and cognitive functions but knows only the basics of the topic. Billy listens closely and pays attention only to information relevant to cognitive functions and builds a deeper understanding of the topic. Billy felt inner peace while building this deeper understanding. This type of personality has extraverted sensing as the dominant function. What this means is that they are hyper-aware of their surroundings compared to many other personalities. More than any other, personalities with extraverted sensing as their dominant function feel inner peace when they are engaged in movement. They are amazing at finding cause and effect relationships in their immediate surroundings and enjoy knowing that they can instinctively see the relationship and act accordingly.Example: A football player is running with the ball and someone lunges to tackle them. A spin move dodges the opponent and the runner scores a touch-down. At that moment in time, the runner instinctively reacted to the threat in the environment and acted accordingly while feeling inner peace during that time. Excitement comes from movement, not from sitting at a desk and listening to someone talk.

This side by side comparison of two personalities shows exactly how different people can be and yet we are all thrown into a school system that is expected to just work for anybody. The school system is imperfect in the way that it does not help you reveal your true genius, it just teaches you how to do what someone tells you whether you like it or not. It socially conditions you for the workplace you will encounter after high school and college so that corporations may control the masses easier. The best example of this is all of the kids who are told they must take Adderall to focus better when in reality, they could just have a dominant function of extravert sensing that leaves them with an inability to sit still. This is suppressing an obvious strength in the child that is being forced to take drugs because they cannot sit still in an academic program that does not communicate properly for their style. Here is a list of the 8 cognitive functions:

  1.        Extroverted Thinking
  2.         Introverted Thinking
  3.        Extroverted Intuition
  4.        Introverted Intuition
  5.        Extroverted Sensing
  6.        Introverted Sensing
  7.        Extroverted Feeling
  8.        Introverted Feeling

Despite what anybody has told you, you are a genius. You are a genius in your own special way. If you find your dominant cognitive function by discovering your true personality, you have the key of knowledge to give yourself the happiest life possible. When you utilize and learn to control your dominant function, you will find inner peace and that is a simple fact. Inner peace is directly correlated to living a happier and more fulfilling life.

There are 16 different personalities. Out of those 16, there are only two in each cognitive function that show it dominantly. For example, ESTJ (supervisor) and ENTJ (Leader/ Executive) are the only 2 personalities that have extraverted thinking as their dominant function. Those two personalities have an ability of extraverted thinking that the 14 other personalities that for the most part cannot match up to. This goes for every other pair of personalities that share a dominant cognitive function. That list of cognitive functions contains your dominant cognitive function. Discover what that is and combine it with your secondary (auxiliary) function and thrive at what you do.

You cannot expect this information to come easily. It means you must learn who you are and that takes time. Do not come to a hasty decision and classify yourself as a personality type right away. Learn that you can develop almost superhuman abilities in one area of life; you just have to find that area. That area of life is dependent solely on your dominant functions. Put in the work as soon as possible and you will see results and that is a promise. Learn your genius, harness your genius and use your genius.

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