Mistakes Cause Improvement

Every single instance in our lives is connected to another part of our life in one way or another. This is the area where seemingly small and insignificant events turn out to be part of a larger picture. One of the most intriguing parts of life is that everything happens for a reason whether we are aware of that reason or not. Many times it takes a good amount of processing and time before a reason for something becomes clear. We are always growing older and wiser from experience and mistakes that we make along our journey of life.

Life can sometimes seem like a vicious cycle of highs and lows. In the times of the highs, we are happy and optimistic. In the times of the lows, we feel stressed and unhappy. Nobody enjoys the low points in life because they are simply unpleasant. What many people overlook is what actually occurs during the low times. It is easy to complain and have self-pity during undesirable circumstances but these are the times where our character is built and we develop resilience.

There are some points in life where it feels as though it will never get better. This can happen after a bad divorce, loss of a child or a traumatic event and that is just listing three possibilities in a world with what seems like infinite possibilities. Scars ranging from psychological to physical are inflicted during these times and it is the healing process that makes us stronger. This healing process can only happen when given time to do so.

Nothing is ever as bad as it first seems and time unveils this insight for us in most cases. A perfect example is when life gets in the way of two people being friends. When living circumstances become hectic, sometimes friendships need to be put on pause for a while. This is especially true if both people have a hectic life that they need time to sort it all out. This insight can be gained over time but initially it would seem as though one did not want to be friends with the other. As this feeling grows in the person, the pair starts to drift to a point where they do not talk for days, then weeks and finally months.

It is only when the pair is separated that they may look back on the relationship with no biases. When friends stop being friends, it is sometimes just meant to be. As we gain knowledge and experience in life, we can look back on those instances and see what we did right and what we did wrong in the friendship. As we continue to grow older and wiser with an ever changing perception, we begin to learn new ways of looking at things. When we develop these new ways, it lets us see things from a different perspective and actually maybe catch things we missed initially.

The loss of a friendship is always hard but even in this undesirable circumstance during a low time; we are struggling and building character. This creates a psychological wound that will heal over time and the scar that results represents developing resilience. It is each small personal event like this in our lives that make us strong. Everybody has good times and everybody has bad times. If we only had good times, we would be perfect and that is a title a human can never own.

It is each one of those small mistakes and failures that we can learn from. The brain does not learn unless it recognizes itself making a mistake and then making an effort to correct it. The repetition of this process increases understanding and can make improvements in the way we perceive the world. It is these instances of correcting mistakes and improving our world views that compound to add up to large results. We only have the ability to take one thing at a time because we are constrained to the structure of time so it is easy to miss out on lessons if we do not look at these instances from the right angle.

Remember always that the lows in life cause us to struggle but it is that struggle that causes us to become stronger. It is nature taking its desired course and there is nothing we can do about it. Each and every time we struggle, there is something to learn. More often than not, we struggle with consequences that result from a poor decision made at some time in the past. With this being said, it makes sense that we can look at the reason we are struggling every time and then teach ourselves how to avoid that mistake next time.

Over the decades of our lives, we will come across thousands of cases of struggling in one form or another. The compound effect of all of those mistakes and lessons learned creates an entirely different outlook on life and an individual equipped with several strategies for life learned from experience. If there is anything to learn from this blog, it is that choosing to stay in your comfort zone is ultimately a negative environment to be in. While it is comfortable, it is impossible to grow. Your brain NEEDS to make mistakes and then learn from them to grow.

Providing a mistake free environment and expecting to grow as a person is like expecting a plant to grow in a dark closet. There is no source of motivation if it feels as though everything in one’s life has been mastered. A mistake-free environment at best provides a false sense of security and allows someone to temporarily escape the feeling of temporary defeat. Always remember that it is this temporary defeat that we can learn and grow from. After being knocked down several times and rising back up stronger each time, we will undoubtedly reach a pinnacle of strength that allows us to succeed simply by what nature has given us. By nature, we will become successful; all we have to do is keep getting up.

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2 thoughts on “Mistakes Cause Improvement

  1. I am quite enjoying your posts so far. Definitely some great insight for the youth. A lot of young individuals go through a lot of struggles these days because of the obstacles they go through to learn who they are and what they want to do. It is especially hard when there are a lot of social barriers. Young people every day are being bullied, judged, criticized, and rejected. It is a hard battle to fight and they need the advice and motivation to get through it.

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