Lies to Eliminate From the Youth

Perhaps you have


  1. Well, I could have eaten something worse
    It has become one of the most widely accepted lies in our society. Consistently telling ourselves that the jr. bacon cheeseburger we eat is “better than a double jr. bacon cheeseburger”. Unfortunately, this type of lie is only destroying yourself. Don’t be the type of person who wants to impress others, be the type of person who wants to impress themselves.
  2. I will start exercising on Monday
    Whether it is starting on Monday, January 1st or a month before spring break, there is no question this little lie belongs on the list.
  3. My significant other is probably cheating on me
    The lie that ruins every good relationship.  It is important to trust yourself and your partner, if you don’t the relationship is bound to fail.
  4. It’s too late to switch my degree
    Unfortunately, #4 is a lie many of us hear way too often. Switching degrees should be more acceptable.  When you switch now, you will be thankful later.
  5. I will start working on my business or goals when I have time and money
    One of the worst lies you can tell yourself is to wait on taking the first step towards your dreams or goals. If this is a lie that you tell yourself, then I have some terrible news, you will never convince yourself that you have enough time or money. It’s important to go for it while you’re young! We created a podcast about your dreams.
  6. I don’t have the power to be positive over negative
    This is something I used to believe, until I decided to switch.  The only thing I can really say with this, is try it for a day, then a week, and finally a month and then see if you ever go back to seeing the negative in life.
  7. I lack the talent or the right skills
    Life is not about envying other people’s talents, it is about finding your own talents.  Every person has a specialty, but each person must find out what it is themselves.

After reading this list you may discover that you, in fact, tell yourself some of these little lies.  It is important to realize first, that you do try to convince yourself in a negative way and the next step would be to stop. You are now well on your way to eliminating these lies from your life. For those of you who are not sure if you tell these lies to your mind, pay attention. Write down each time you catch yourself doing 1 of these 5 lies. You could be surprised at how hard these are to catch.

By eliminating these little, but very important lies we can change our lives for the better.  If you are truthful to yourself, and to your mind you will live a much more positive, successful, and envy-free life.

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