30 Minutes of Nothing

As our everyday lives get more and more hectic we lose precious time spent with ourselves.  We strive for perfection and we consistently try to eradicate procrastination.  Sometimes we get to a point where every moment is spent working, going to school, or doing other activities.  In our world, being extremely productive is what most of us try to achieve every day. Someone who is able to multitask all day long is considered successful and we envy those people.

Although I believe in being a hard working individual, I also understand the importance of letting go of everything in your life and being alone.  It is important to spend 20-30 minutes a day doing absolutely nothing. This means no texting, checking your twitter, nor email.  One step further than that is getting as close as you can to thinking about nothing. In a way this is meditation.  It has been said that relaxing your mind to this point actually provides more rest than sleeping.

With stress, high blood pressure, and frustration building in our lives, spending 30 minutes a day relaxing your mind is extremely useful.  There are days where my mind is racing the entire day, and then I record a podcast that same day. When the day is completely over my mind usually feels fried.  Without the rest and meditation my mind was exhausted, and a very lazy, unproductive day followed.

It is important to schedule out your time with breaks in between your work.  Working 5 hours straight on something can become unproductive after a certain period of time. Instead work 1.5 hours, take a break, go for a run, and work another 1.5 hours.  These types of intervals will boost your creativity and productiveness.

For example my schedule might consist of the following intervals:

8:30-9:00 Stretch, eat breakfast, check emails

9:00-10:00 Work on the podcast

10:00:12:00 Workout and eat, check emails

12:00-1:30 Work on the podcast

Now my schedule might not reflect exactly this, but the list above provides a great example of being productive the entire day, and also mixing it up to keep your mind fresh. The morning was successful because I had time to get things accomplished for work, and also get things accomplished for me.  Throughout the day you will find that planning in intervals will allow work to be accomplished and you will also have plenty of time for hobbies. You may see that you get your work done early and have the night free to spend with family and friends. Scheduling things benefits yourself and others.

The next step is for you to go out, and try this for yourself.  No one can push you or force you to do something. It is up to you to change your life for the better. Try focusing your time on nothing for 20-30 minutes and share your experience with our blog post!

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2 thoughts on “30 Minutes of Nothing

  1. Great article and I love the picture you use which really ties it all together. Sometimes I think we create all these activities/distractions to keep us from having to deal with ourselves. Meditation and self reflection allow us to calm our mind, focus internally and better apply our energy to the important stuff.

    • Thanks for providing some further knowledge on the blog! Well said. I agree that some people may schedule activities so they don’t ever have to deal with themselves. I have never really thought of that. I will check out your blog.

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