Superhero or The Super Citizen?

Awhile back I remember reading about Phoenix Jones. A man who dresses up like a superhero and stops crime, and assists people in need.  After further research I learned that, in fact, they don’t go looking for crimes to stop, but rather try to assist people in need. I realized that everyone including myself laughs when they first hear about people dressing up like it’s Halloween.  Of course, being someone with high introverted intuition I always begin with asking myself deeper questions. I decided study up on what these people are really about.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about a normal citizen who dresses up while helping others is the children who see this happening. In my honest opinion, I think this is a great thing for the children and teenagers to see growing up. Not only is this person or superhero helping people, but they also found a fun, exciting way to do it.

Before you laugh, and call these people crazy, do some critical thinking.  There is a man named Polar Man, if I am correct.  This superhero’s power is simply the power to shovel driveways for the disabled, elderly, and more.  To me, this person found a way to make something not so pleasant to most, actually enjoyable.  I have worked in a retirement home and I can honestly say that I don’t see any older woman not having fun watching Polar Man shovel driveways.  Children who drive by or witness this superhero in action now have an important role model in their lives, but perhaps more importantly they turn into dreamers.  They are now able to use their imagination in ways they are not used to because video games and television have been doing it for us.

It is always important to look at the arguments of why these people should not be out running around in costumes helping.  First argument to look at is that these people are putting themselves into situations that can get them killed.  That is essentially the same thing as working for the police, fire department, crab fishing, and even working at the zoo.  These people are smart, and they fully understand the consequence of putting themselves into a heated situation.  Grown adults should be allowed to make their own decisions, and if I was walking down the street and suddenly was jumped by three men, and a normal person in a suit came in and took the beating while I got away, I certainly wouldn’t argue with that.

It is important to realize that the person behind that mask is just like each one of us.  This person wants to change the world.  Everything in life is about changing something that seems boring into something that is even more enjoyable.  Luckily, these people have found a way to make giving back with labor, donations, and protection much more enjoyable than it already is.  I congratulate those who took something that was once fiction and tweaked the idea to make it a reality.  People don’t need super powers, like super human strength to be a hero, they just need to use the power they were given when they were born and maybe these super citizens will help everyone open their minds to real change.

“I’m a firefighter,” he said, “and I choose to go out on my own time and help save lives, for free. How can you criticize me for that?” -Phoenix Jones interviewed by The Minaret

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