Your Decisions Have Power

The Power of Decisions

Decisions are what make our life run smoothly. If nobody ever made decisions about anything, we would not be where we are as a society today. Delaying decisions for too long can create more work but making decisions to fast can have the exact same effect. Delaying decisions makes work pile up whereas making decisions to fast can cause us to ignore very significant pieces of information. Overlooking this vital information makes it so that a new issue entirely is created. Decisions are very important and yet so many cannot see the consequences that some of their decisions hold.


Consequences are results from actions that a person engages in. These results can be either positive or negative and there is a consequence for EVERY action. There are also many different kinds of consequences. Some of them are insignificant, there are bad, good and neutral consequences but the worst ones are usually hidden. Hidden consequences are those that we do not have the ability to predict. We will never be able to see every possible result for our actions and the further down the road they occur; the harder it is to predict them.

How Our Decisions Affect Others

Decisions are made every day that we are alive. We choose what to eat for breakfast, or what route to take to work or even what color of socks to wear. There is the realm of decisions that have consequences that only affect us and then there are those decisions that affect others as well. These are the decisions that are so often neglected that result in conflict or bad feelings. It is often hard to account for others and how they will be affected during our own mental processing but it is a definite issue that is capable of causing problems if not addressed.

People seem to have a knack for remembering the times that they got the short end of the stick. If that just so happened because of a decision you made, they may even go as far to blame you for the entire thing. While it may not hold any real world grounding, often it is only a thought in a person’s head that causes blame towards others for the individual’s own personal problems and pitfalls. This seemingly delusional thought process is what causes people to hold grudges. People with a grudge are capable of especially devastating revenge plots, especially if they have time to think about it. This definitely will not be how it works out all the time but it is taking a chance every time that someone inconveniences another person with a decision that has a negative outcome.

Example in a Work Setting

Bob works at Company A. He has a manager named John who seems to play favorites and punish many people unfairly for seemingly insignificant things. John is very good at holding people accountable and punishing them and management seems to like that quality. John acts very differently around the General Manager who is his boss. He is nice to everybody but as soon as he is managing the store alone, he plays favorites and goes back to punishing people unfairly.

One day Bob gets yelled at by John. John accuses him of messing up a huge order that they were working on the other day and fires Bob right after the conversation. Bob did not get to share his side of the story but when he called the corporate office, they sided with John and did not allow Bob to get his job back. This was a time that Bob definitely got the short end of the stick and it was completely unfair. This will not be soon forgotten.

A couple years down the road Bob works at Company B. He has been working hard and got promoted to being a manager after only 6 months of being on the job. One day he is at the front desk and John comes walking in for a job application. John does not even remember who Bob is and casually asks for a job application. He tells Bob that he just got laid off from his other job and is in desperate need of a new one now.

After taking the application from John, Bob walks into his office. It turns out that not only is he the manager, he is the hiring manager. Who would be the last person that Bob calls for a job interview?

Example Reflection

John made a hasty and poorly thought out decision and it affected him years later. He did not even remember who Bob was completely oblivious to the “hidden consequence” that affected him. These things happen to us all the time. Things that seem unconnected often have a weird way of being connected in a way we would have never thought of. The power of our decisions is the consequences that follow them. Making the right decisions now will provide positive consequences in the future. Making poor decisions now will make for negative consequences in the future and whether we like them or not, we will have to deal with them in one way or another. John missed out on a job when he was in need because of poor decision making in the past.

Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs for everybody. Timing really is everything and it all depends on when you cross the paths of others. Just because someone works at a minimum wage job now does not mean they will not be your boss in 2 years. What if the only thing holding them back from being your boss is 3 more college credits? Learn to make decisions that work well for you and other people and enjoy the step closer to success that you will reach. Every day we can get closer to realizing the power that our decisions have in determining our future and when we unlock this power; our greatest dreams will start to take shape.

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