Your Personality is Showing

What if I told you that people are revealing their true personalities in every interaction in their life?

Perhaps you have encountered these types of situations before.  I am sure you answered or asked the question and moved on.  Nothing too important about these everyday situations right?

Q. Do you want to freestyle?
A. No, I am more into writing deep lyrics, plus I can’t keep my thoughts flowing very easily.

Q. Hey want to come out to a party with my friends and I?
A. Is it going to be a smaller party? If so, yeah I will go.

Q.  Did you give that customer a discount?
A. They seemed honest; I decided it would be fine this one time.

Q.  Why don’t you just finish that project, and then work on this one?
A.  But I just came up with a crazy idea. What if we…

Statement: Stop moping around and let’s go out and have some fun.

Statement: I could never sit down and write a book.

Statement: I hate reading, I would rather listen.

Statement: I really don’t care about the other people, I just worry about doing my job.

It is important for me to make it clear that no statement is right or wrong, nor is any question. What is even more important is that each example provides a clue about the person asking the question, the person answering the question and even the friends not involved, but near the communication.

I am not quite sure what it is I have, but it sure is a powerful tool. I feel as though it is our sub-conscious mind that picks up non-verbal communication (please correct me if I am wrong), but for some reason my conscious mind is also analyzing what I just saw. The movement, response, tone, reaction to the question or answer, and even delay in speaking is a clue to me.  I can control what I decide to further analyze, but I cannot turn the switch off.  By communicating with someone, I learn much more about them without asking direct questions.  I learn more by natural situations.

Things such as facial features can suggest what the person is implying. You can learn how to read people by how they react to certain situations just by looking at how their face is reacting. Raised eyebrows can show interest or surprise. Whereas a confused looking face could show skepticism.

Even though I have practiced body language reading and non-verbal communication since I was young, I still went out to research more. I am now studying body language and taking notes. When I study the material it feels very confusing to me.  I realized that I don’t understand all the rules of body language when trying to learn it, it is just something I naturally can pick up. I will continue to study, and watch seminars in hopes of bringing my abilities to a higher level.

Whether you are alone, at a sporting event, or studying in a classroom your personality is showing to a select group of people.  Many of us don’t use this ability to take advantage of people, we use it to help people learn more about themselves.

Some find this unique ability of reading people strange, some find it annoying, and some wish they had it. What ever the thoughts may be, I find that this ability clearly defines me.

This was a post by Stephen @CaddyQuinn an ENFJ. (Explains the unorganized thoughts in the post)

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