The Simple 5 Step Formula for Self-Confidence

Many people go throughout their day feeling like others are better than them. Although this sounds sad, it is true. When people compare themselves to others, often times they will make unfair criticisms towards themselves and give others a higher status than they actually have. This usually stems from observing someone with a better job, a nicer house, a prettier or more handsome significant other and the list goes on and on. Fortunately, there is a formula for developing self-confidence. This is not an all-inclusive list but is a great starting point for developing rock-solid, confident view of yourself.

  1. Realize How Truly Unique You Are: When people hear the word unique, often times they do not see themselves as fitting that description. After all there are 6 billion people on this earth, how unique can one really be? Whether we are aware of it or not, every human alive today is one of the latest and greatest creations in a family tree that stretches for thousands if not tens of thousands of years. Even if humans were only around for 2,000 years, if we assume that on average, kids are born every 30 years (which is extremely conservative), that is 66 generations that have come before us! That means 66 combinations of DNA of random people coming together in this vast world came before us and we will continue the cycle. You are unique whether you believe it or not!
  2. Learn Who You Are as a Person: Once you realize your true uniqueness, start to dive deep into who you are as a person. Starting with a personality test is a great start. There is an instrument called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which can assign you 1 of 16 personalities by taking your answers from about 100 multiple choice answers. In doing this simple task, it can open your eyes to what you are good at, what you are bad at, how other people see you, tendencies you have of viewing yourself along with several other applications. Once you know who you are and you have a clear picture in your mind, pointless value judgments (insults) from other people will hold much less weight because you will be able to compare it with the picture you have of yourself. When you see that it does not match with the picture, it will be clear that the other person has no idea what they are talking about.
  3. Understand That There is No Right Way to See the World – Many people go on throughout life fear that if they vocalize their opinions, they will be met with criticism and that they will not be good enough. As stated above, we represent a family tree spanning over thousands of years and on top of that, everybody only represents one of sixteen different personality types. With this being said, being right is only about perception. How others see the world is how they will judge it and if you see the world differently than most other people, it does not mean you are wrong. Even if 100 people tell you that you are wrong, that is just a measurement invented by humans. Humans are anything but perfect so do not be scared to make a few mistakes, share your views with others and you will find that you have much more in common with people than you think. Is the picture above an old witch or a young woman looking off into the distance? People will see different things but is there a right answer? This is a very simple example that can be looked at on a bigger scale.
  4. Find A Hobby You Like That Compliments Your Strengths – By finding a hobby that compliments your strengths, you are providing an activity that you have an unlimited potential for growth. This will take some time but when you enjoy something and you get good at something, others will notice. There are web forums about everything imaginable no matter what hobby we are talking about. Interact with people who have a similar interest. Not only with this increase your skill and knowledge but it will also increase self-confidence. Being confident at a skill, trade or hobby is a good way to spot what true confidence feels like. After experiencing this feeling, it can start to be applied in others areas of life.
  5. Develop a Supportive Circle of Friends – After doing the 4 tasks above, friends will start to come more easily. This is naturally due to a combination of your more “accurate” view of the world and the confidence that has come along with that view. When you are looking for friends to include in this exclusive group, look for people who compliment you rather than go against you. For instance, if someone thinks it is funny to throw insults your way on a regular basis and they play it off like it is not a big deal then that is not a supportive friend. That is more like a hater in disguise. Surrounding yourself with supportive and encouraging friends will help your confidence tremendously and will help you to grow more overall as person.

This list can help you and that is Young Life Perception’s main goal. Many people struggle with this symptom of low self-confidence but you can always fix that problem. It will not be easy and it may not even be fun while engaging in the process but slowly, you will start to develop a rock-solid confidence that may feel almost foreign to you. We hope that this can help you and if you do not need it, please pass it along to someone who does.  Our lives are too short for someone to feel insignificant for the entire life that they have. Confidence has a profound link to our happiness and if it takes work to acquire that confidence. That means you must work to acquire happiness but in the end, won’t that work be well worth it?

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4 thoughts on “The Simple 5 Step Formula for Self-Confidence

    • Thank you very much for your input. We hope that other people can understand these points as well as you clearly do. Life is to short for someone to be insecure about themselves for their whole lives. Thanks again!

    • I believe it is safe to say all of the above for that question! We (my friend and business partner and I) work very well together. We are both the types that like to learn something from everything we do. In other words, we love to learn. We have also started a podcast as well, it case you would like to check that out. Appreciate the comment, and we are now following you! Good luck on your future endeavors!


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