Gaming Contest with Guest Kaitlin Ouillette

It is time for another Young Life Perception contest. On Tuesday August 21st, we will be having a Gamer podcast. You can RSVP to the event with this link. (Be sure to click attend located at the bottom of the page). This one will be for all of those out there who just love to play video games or even those who make a living from video games. We will be having a very special guest on this podcast and it will be in your best interest to tune in. Kaitlin Ouillette humbly holds the title of Maxim’s 2012 Gamer Girl of the Year. She will be on the show to explain some key ideas about gamers and to eliminate some of the stereotypes about girls who love to game. She will provide fresh insight to those of you who have not ever had a gamer girl as an acquaintance.

In addition to our special guest, we will be running another contest. We all know that Xbox Live is  not cheap. There is a feeling of dread associated with that time comes to fork out some more money to Microsoft so that you can still play online with your friends. Well the prize of this contest is 3 months free of Xbox Live. Free is always nice, especially 3 months worth. Here is the deal:

  • We will be live on Ustream on Tuesday August 21st  at
    • There is a chat option you can use to contact us during the live show.
    • Send us the secret code found in the video below along with a question in the chat during the show.
    • Anybody who does this will be entered into a quick drawing we will do at the end of the show
    • The winner can send us twitter information or an alternative method of getting in touch so that we can ship the prize of 3 months free on Xbox Live.

It is as simple as that. The video below has the secret code for the chat session during the show. Good luck to all. Now please enjoy this short clip. It will only take 2 minutes of your time.

Contest Video



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