A Simple Method to Stay Positive

Many people wonder why certain people stay so chipper in some of the most difficult times.  Luckily, I believe I might have come across a simple method to stay positive, and be happy regardless of what situation you may be in at the time. The answer lies below.

young life perception

The Method: The method I use, and I believe many others use as well, is the method of approaching each and every situation as an opportunity.  More specifically, each situation or moment in your life teaches you something. For me, it has always been an advantage when it came time to connect the dots and see future trends— thanks to my introverted intuition— and while dominant sensors school me in the method of living in the here and now, I feel as though it is my responsibility to help others understand this type of method.

Sensors make up around 75% of the population. (If you would like to know more about personality types you can check out our Personality Podcast). Therefore, it is safe to assume a number of sensors are unhappy, bored, or angry about heading to work or school, because at that present moment the work or classroom is usually not very exciting. Actually, most of us would rather be somewhere else.  A superficial solution to speed up time is usually what most people rely on. The whole, “Just don’t look at the clock” or “find as much work to do, and time will go faster” techniques work to some degree, but to really find happiness and stay positive in these situations it is important to use the method.

The Method in Action: You are probably asking, “give me a clear example of how this method works in a real world situation”. Well, you might not have asked that exact question, but it may be something similar.  Let’s say you are heading to work, and you have the dreaded Sunday night 4-midnight shift at a desk job for inbound sales.  It is the slow season so most of the time is spent staring at the computer waiting for the time to speed up. The best way to get through this night successfully and while maintaining a positive attitude would be to apply the method, or see an opportunity in the situation. That person working the slow shift on a Sunday evening is myself.  I chose to work on my blog. Knowing that my blog needs to be done Monday morning, and seeing that it is 9:30pm and my shift ends a midnight, I create a deadline, which in turn speeds up time. I created a situation where time was against me.

I know many people have different work situations, and some aren’t as fortunate to sit and work on other work. Here are some other examples on speeding up time and in essence help maintain a more positive attitude.

  • Figure out what can be learned that day.
  • If you work in a sales job, read some material on sales techniques, then use those techniques while you are at work.
  • See an opportunity to network with co-workers.
  • Bring a book to read during slow hours.
  • For school you can find out how the class will benefit you in the future. For example, I took a writing class at a community college. I knew I needed to start a blog for my podcast. Suddenly, that writing class was interesting and fun to attend.
  • See if you can find a way to be more efficient at your job.
  • Think of your own quotes, lyrics, or jokes
  • Work on social interaction with co-workers. This can help you tremendously in the long run when dealing with upset customers, or talking during interviews.
  • Factory jobs may be the most difficult work environment to learn in, but try brainstorming, or working on your singing. These are both great ways to stay positive.

The method is simple, yet takes hard work and dedication to master.  There are opportunities to learn something in every situation. The hard part is finding that certain thing to learn. Sometimes, you have to be creative and sometimes the reward may be small, but if the small reward keeps you happy and speeds up the time at work or class, then I believe that small reward went a long way.

What are some of your techniques to stay positive?

Written by @CaddyQuinn

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