Top Apps That Benefit the Youth

Ever search through the app store, bored and wondering what app to get next?  Searching aimlessly through the free section.  Here is another question, have you ever been told about an amazing app to get by a friend and think, “why haven’t I heard of that app before?” I went ahead and asked some fans and friends what their favorite apps were. One fan, Mike said, “Apps do not benefit me, they destroy me”. Many of us would agree that most apps do, in essence, destroy us. Of course we researched some that help.  Listed below are some apps we, The Young Life Perception, and others believe will benefit your life.

1. Free Educational Apps:  

iTunes U is a great free app because it allows you to take full courses at places like Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Duke.  You can actually listen to full lectures in your car, home or work.  I have listened to Philosophy lectures by Marianne Talbot at Oxford University. I believe it is an amazing thing to be able to learn from about a course at Stanford by listening to lectures and then passing exams for the same class at another university. Please, just sit back and think for a minute about how powerful that really is.

iBooks mentioned as a great app by a good friend Dalton Sweet. A lot like the kindle, but for iPhone users without one. I always preach about reading more, well now is your chance.  Being a kindle owner, what I do like about the iBooks app is that you have an easy to view book shelf. Being able to select a book depending on your mood seems quite easy.  The only downside might be the back light on your iPhone and the relatively small screen for reading. But I do encourage reading everything you can possibly read and this app helps.

A relatively new app, BlackBoard Mobile was mentioned by Ben Wilson.  Now this is an app I have not heard of before and would have to plenty more research on. From what I gathered it is a place teachers can submit assignments and notes? You can add classes you are taking for the current semester, and it helps out a lot with keeping organized. Definitely sounds like something that can benefit the youth very much. From reading the reviews it may need some quick patches, but the app definitely has a bright future. (Please comment below and let us know what you think of this app!)

2. Banking Apps:

I never really thought I would receive so many responses from fans and friends saying, “I love my banking app!” but this is exactly what Mike Lemke shouted. Now, I can’t be so stubborn to say that this app doesn’t benefit the youth, because it does. Being able to transfer money, pay bills, send checks and check banking statement from your smart phone saves a lot of time for the busy student. In general, it makes it kind of cool to “balance your budget”.  Saving money is always something we need to practice more of, and having a cool banking app just may impress yourself, your mother and the women. Many others agreed with Mike, having a banking app is a must have.

3. Gas Apps:

The list is quite large for the amount of gas apps in the tunes store, but some of the most recommended gas apps would be Waze and Gas buddy.  Gas Buddy was mentioned by Daniel Gottschalk.  Once reading his response I wondered why the app was no longer on my phone. I immediately went to the store and downloaded it.  Gas Buddy much like Waze is a community of people who report gas prices. It is a very easy to use app, and great for finding the nearest gas station, or the cheapest gas in your area. Gas Buddy is much better at finding gas quick, while Waze has more features. With school approaching very quickly; why not save a little extra college money.

Waze just may take the cake for all around best GPS traffic and gas app. This app was also mentioned by Ben.  Of course, this was an app I have never heard of and had to do some investigating. Apparently, from what I have researched, this app reports gas prices, police hideouts, police traps, accidents and even where your friends are? Did I mention it has a solid 5 stars?  As I stated above, it seems we all miss some amazing apps to download for free on our smart-phones. This was certainly an app I had to download and check out. Might say good bye to gas buddy once again?

4. Music Apps:

Pandora and Shazaam are two powerful music apps that help save the youth save money and discover new music for free. I now have both of these apps on my smart phone, and I assume many others have these apps as well. They have been very popular for some time now. Pandora is my go to music source for car trips and solo gym sessions. If you do not have these apps on your smart phone, ipad or itouch, I highly suggest downloading them now…. seriously, download them right now.

5. News Apps: 

USA Today, and many other News apps are available in the App store of iTunes. To stay up to date on the current news and events going on is very beneficial. I do not currently have any USA Today type apps but I do get some great news information from the Twitter app as well as Stitcher Radio. Not only does Stitcher send alerts for important events but you can also listen to a number of podcasts as well. It is impossible to not benefit from being informed about current news.

Some other apps that I would like to mention myself would be WordPress for all the bloggers looking for an easy way to post and track stats, MyFitnessPal for the calorie counters, and people looking  for ways to record nutrients, and lastly Yelp for finding nearby businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, bars, and much more.

I hope you found this blog post useful and entertaining. I also hope that some of these apps were new to you and will help benefit your life. And of course, be sure to use the technology to educate you, save you money, and expand your mind. These apps are to keep you productive, instead of “destroy you”.

Hey, don’t forget to mention some Apps that have benefited you! Share the Wealth in a comment below!

written by Stephen Quinn

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