The Battle Between Time and Money

It has long been a long said phrase in business that time is money. Both money and time are spent just about every day that we are alive. When they are spent in a smart way, they get us things that we want. When they are spent poorly, we usually become stressed out and worried about how careless we have been. For some they are completely aware of how to spend their money but completely unaware of how to spend their time. For some it is the complete opposite. The thing that most people do not consider is that money can be gained through devoting time whereas time cannot be gained by devoting money. Once your time has been turned into money, there is no going back.

What is Time?

The interesting thing about time is that we cannot truly give it a definition. We can assign a dictionary definition so that people can understand that this force exists but have you ever thought about how you personally define time? We can measure and see the effects of time such as aging or seeing the minute hand of a clock creep along but the substance of time is does not have a definite picture in our mind.  The paradox of time states that it always seems as though we do not have enough time when really we have all the time in the world. Everybody living has the same amount of time every day while they are on this earth together.

There are 24 hours in a day and this does not change. There are the same amount of days in a week and the same amount of weeks in a month every single year. Time is consistent and always affecting everything in the universe 24 hours a day. If we choose to do so, we can calculate the amount of minutes we will live through in the next 20 years. We can also accept the task of allocating those minutes to activities we wish to participate in. Time has a rigid structure that cannot be manipulated by anybody. If you choose to spend it wisely, you will have a happy life. If do not ever get around to finding how to spend your time wisely, you will end up regretting later on. That is a promise and a guarantee.

What is Money?

Money is a material item that has been created by humans. It is a piece of paper or metal that is supposed to represent a value that everybody accepts. The number on the paper stays the same but the value of the dollar varies from day to day. The amount that a dollar represents works in a similar way as the stock market. Each country has its own currency and all of them compete to have the most valuable currency. This money was created for a system that was also created by humans. Since humans are imperfect, all systems put into place and created by humans are imperfect.

Money is inconsistent and it comes and goes. There are some points in life where we have a mountain of money and some points in life where claiming to live paycheck to paycheck is being optimistic. Money can be attained through extremely large amounts or very small amounts. Not only is the amount of money inconsistent throughout a life time, so is the value of each dollar of that money. The amount of money gained can be sped up through illegal activities and unethical actions. Spending money wisely may get you a nice house. Spending time wisely will get you a nice life. It is your choice and nobody else’s to decide.

The Difference of How Time and Money Are Spent

Time is spent at the same rate every single day. It is spent second by second regardless of the activity. If you are partaking in something that is worthwhile during that time passing, you have spent it well. If you are wasting your time doing nothing during those seconds that pass, you will never get them back to change what is now set in stone. Money is spent at variable rates. Spending time the right way can allow you to end up with money AND happiness while spending money the right way can potentially leave you with only material things while still being unhappy. What is the point of having tons of money with no happiness attached to all that paper created by our imperfect human race?

Our Value of Money and Time Change as We Age

The value of money in our own minds is usually higher while we are younger. Many motivated college students have their eyes fixed on the income of the job that they will go for after school. Some are so driven they neglect the relationships that they have with friends and family just to get the salary figure they have been dreaming of during all their years of college. Some will move far away from everyone they know to get to their ideal life that is set up in their mind.

After getting to the point they have dreamed of, sometimes days and even weeks pass without talking to any of their friends or family. Time has a way of flying when life takes over and what is out of sight is usually out of mind. Those days eventually compound into months before the person realizes that so much time has passed they are now disconnected with everything that they once knew.

It could be that one day this person gets a call and they find out that a close family member has died. Let us say for instance that this person’s father dies on a routine day of driving to work in a head on collision and there had not been a conversation between the two for weeks. All that money that has been made cannot ever buy back even 5 seconds of conversation with a lost loved one.

When we are young, we are naïve whether we choose to believe it or not. Brilliant ideas in our 20/20 hindsight are often seen to be mistakes later on down the road. What can seem so right and so unfailingly correct is often disproved as we age and gain wisdom from our experiences. As we get older, we start to find out that money is not as important as we once thought. It is actually spending time in a way that makes us happy that turns out be our best friend when everything is said and done. More times than not, ends up being that money was not as important as we once thought.

Call of Action

Remember that there is nothing wrong with being motivated. This is the force that gets us to where we want to be at the end of our path. Just remember that during that path it is important not to overlook important relationships and family ties purely for your own advancement in life. Being successful is important to many but becoming successful in the right way is what will make you happiest. The only road to success is in small incremental increases that compound getting you from point A to point B where point B is attaining success.


Next time there is a family function that you have to miss because of work, try to get someone to cover your shift. You never know when the last time to see a family member has come and missing out on seeing someone for the last time to make $100 dollars at work has a way at eating people from the inside out. An enormous feeling of guilt and frustration comes out of these situations and most of the time it all comes back to doing something for money. Money may allow people to have a large house and a hummer but will those material items ever be there for you when you are sick or in need of a friend?

“We are the Young Life Perception”

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