Wealth and Happiness Come From Money?

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” – Will Smith This quote could not be worded any better. It seems as though there are so many people who feel the need to ‘Keep up with the Joneses”that live next door. People get into competitions over silly thing such as salaries and job positions so that they may get the money that is so important to them.

Lets Spark Some Debate

I have a long known question that I would like to ask. Having a lot of money makes you RICH but does that also mean that you are WEALTHY? For many the answer would be yes. Simply being rich and having the number in their bank account proves their wealth to them. However, I respectfully disagree with this way of looking at wealth. There was a time when I thought that money was all that is needed to be happy. Having a ton of money and being happy with your life situation is technically being wealthy. What I have come to discover however is that money comes and goes over a life time for most people. If money comes and goes then wealth does as well. Happiness is still allowed to stay although many people have trouble keeping it after the money is gone.

There is Rich and Then There Is Wealthy

This point can be seen in the case of Bernie Madoff. This man stole over $50,000,000,000! That is not in millions of dollars, it is in billions. He has the world record for the largest amount of money ever stolen and he is now serving a 150 year sentence in prison for all of the lives he literally destroyed. Did he experience wealth? Maybe he did but with all of that debt he could never pay for, eventually the happiness as well as his wealth was gone.

It is possible that at one time Bernie Madoff was happy, rich and wealthy but now he will rot in a jail cell. He aimed his whole life at getting rich, even if it meant stomping on innocent people to get there. His life now has no potential and he will waste away in a cell with one other person. He has no future and his memories are littered with corruption and bad decisions because his focus was to become RICH. His Love of money was his demise.

Money Does Not Unlock Happiness. You Do.

Money unlocks temporary happiness. This money can only buy material things or services in the real world. The external product that you receive causes excitement and even a little bit of a rush. It can get addicting quick. Eventually the amount of merchandise needed to satisfy that craving gets to be out of control. The average professional football player goes bankrupt after 2 years of being out of the NFL. They had to have been throwing money away! Material wealth can help enhance happiness to a certain extent. Money is definitely part of the definition of wealth but is it as important as we all take it to be?

We see a green piece of paper that says “$100”and it is hard to look away. It has been hard-wired into people by society that money will make you happy. All the glamorous famous people seem to have the life and they have a ton of money. We cannot take it with us when we are gone though. It is only relevant in this life time. Your money will end up in the hands of another person someday.

Is Money Really This Important?

Lets not forget that humans came up with the money SYSTEM and that all humans are IMPERFECT. As an imperfect species, we are not capable of coming up with a perfect system. It is even harder to create a system that keeps up with how fast we are advancing as a society. Even the monetary system we use every day will fail one day. Nothing will last forever, not even our Universe. I am not one who is going to spend my whole life chasing something that man has created. There has to be something more to it than that.

Call of Action

EVALUATE HOW YOU LOOK AT MONEY! Many people do not fully understand their outlook on money. Everybody has a money personality and everybody has a unique way of looking at it even though it is always going to be the same thing. Realize that personal connections with people will be there with you long after the money is gone. That is of course if you do not chase them away first in your pursuit of the green currency we humans have created.

Do you have any opinions you can offer about this topic? Please leave a comment letting us know about how you look at money and how important it is to other people. I know there are many different outlooks and I am excited to hear them.

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