5 Tips to Survive College

Have you ever tried finding advice on how to survive college? It seems as though all the parents are the ones writing about college advice. It seems rather obvious how up-to-date that advice may be, so here are 5 tips that will help you survive college, from a students perspective.

1. Saving Money on Textbooks: It is important to check out your classes, online, several weeks ahead of the start date. This way you can check out which textbooks you will need for class. I remember being a freshman and spending around 400 dollars on textbooks. Now that I have experience with college I usually spend around $100-150.  One place I use for buying textbooks or even renting textbooks is Chegg. It is a great place for buying used, new and renting textbooks. It has also saved me a lot of money in the past.  Another technique that I use, is buying the edition before. If I need the 9th edition, normally I will read the syllabus and see whether homework questions are assigned from the book. If not, I will buy 8th or even 7th edition for very cheap. Last textbook I bought that was $95 to rent, I rented an edition below for $10.  Tuition gets expensive, it is important to save on textbooks!

2. Sign-Up for a Tour: Sign up for a tour of the campus. Trust me it is better to know your way around than to make a wrong turn one day and get completely lost. Once you understand the campus, parking near classes, and paying less for parking becomes easy. Taking a tour of the campus is something I failed to take advantage of. As an incoming freshman, the worst thing that could happen is getting lost on campus.

3. Schedule Gaps In-between Classes: This one took awhile for me to learn, but once I did, it sure did help me out a lot with grades. Normally, I avoid the 8 am classes, schedule a 10am. Next class I will schedule around 2pm for a nice gap from 12-2pm.  This is a great time to finish homework at the library and be productive. I understand that you might not want to do homework right after class, but think about it this way, do the homework now so you have the night free for whatever else you want to do. This is college, distractions will happen every night.

4. How Do You Learn Best? High school is a great time to figure out if you are a visual learner or the type of person who can blaze right through a textbook and remember every line. Freshman year may be difficult, but it can be a lot easier if you spend some time figuring out which environments suit you best, how you learn the most, and which study habits are successful for you. This is a crucial step to passing your classes and surviving college. It is important to understand early if reading the textbook is a waste of time or actually helping. For me, the textbook wastes a lot of valuable time. I usually study the powerpoints, take detailed notes in class, and read the summaries at the end of each chapter. Make sure you do all the homework that is assigned and fully understand it. Don’t just assume you understand the material because you came up with the right answer. Each hour spent on homework when it is assigned is less time spent studying and cramming for the huge mid-term or final exam.

5. Treat RateMyProfessors Like The Holy Grail of College Help: This semester I continue to be blown away by how many incoming freshman and a considerably large amount of sophomores don’t know about Rate My Professors. If you haven’t checked this place out, do it. Don’t forget to book mark that shit as well. This website is something I use every semester. I count on it to find teachers who are great at what they do and I use it to avoid teachers who are just plain horrible.  If you are looking for an easy grade (which is something I don’t advocate) or want a teacher that is willing to help you succeed, rate my professors is the go to site.  I mean, it even tells you whether or not the teacher is hot. If you are straight out of high school, I highly recommend staying up until registration time and lighting up rate my professors to make sure each semester is a successful one.

That is it, the 5 tips to surviving college for all the incoming freshman. I understand this post is a little late, but I am wondering if any of you other college pros have any tips for the newbies? Leave some advice below!

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