The Controversial Debate Board

Welcome to this new series brought to you by Young Life Perception.  This is the first post to start the series, and I will start by explaining the layout and guidelines.

In these posts I will give a controversial topic to be debated. The comment section will be where you can offer opinions and back up evidence. Feel free to use links to your sources (They are actually something that would help us all). We will be posting these topics the first week of every month!

As far as commenting, please be respectful in providing your insight and opinions. Offensive and Spam comments will be deleted.

This series is meant to educate and help us learn by debating in a positive way. I look forward to learning with all the fans of the series.

Controversial Topic up for Debate:

Why is the Chinese Navy off the coast of California?

Some users have suggested the following:

  • Suppressing hostile UFO’s
  • Containing a “living organism” that surfaced after pulling out an oil drill
  • Preparing for a false flag operation

What are your thoughts? What do you believe is the reason the Chinese Navy is operating so close US soil? Share, debate, and think down below.

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