Embrace Change So That You May Look Forward Confidently

CHANGE is a very common word. It is something that is constantly happening and its always surrounding us. Regardless of whether or not we are aware of certain changes, they are still happening outside of our own perceptions. Change often meets resistance because it can be seen as different, unknown and stressful. This view seems to be “swimming against the current” considering the facts that changes are always coming whether we want them or not.

is always showing itself during the experiences we encounter throughout life. Things happen that weren’t expected several times per second when you consider the fact that there about 7 billion people on this earth. Something seemingly random is going on during every moment of every day. With this being said, nothing that’s created can ever last forever because change will win every time.

This Includes:

  1. RelationshipsMany times breakups are unforeseen and then looked at as random.
  2. Friendships – Sometimes friends encounter obstacles that drive them apart. During the time of this happening it may be viewed as unexpected or random by a certain group of people.
  3. Trends – People get bored and when they do, they think of new stuff that other people like too. Many times there are fashion trends that are viewed as odd and possibly even random.
  4. Marketing Strategies – When trends change, the advertisements change to accommodate the markets opening up. Sometimes television commercials seem to be extremely random.
  5. Laws and Policies – Even the rules that dictate the way we live are constantly changing to address the combatant of change.
  6. Systems – Any working system that has been created by humans such as government systems, money systems, and Education systems will eventually fail. This is due to natural human imperfection and the effects of time and change.

The point of this post is to create awareness about how commonly change occurs. We are not aware of most changes simply because there are so many of them all the time scattered across the entire world. We don’t have the capacity to know about all the changes.


  1. We Can Avoid Change and “Swim Against The Current” OR
  2. We Can Embrace Change and “Go With The Flow”

Change will always be coming whether we can see it or not. Even something as small as purchasing a candy bar is technically a change in your money, a change in your calorie intake, and a change in your overall mood when consuming the candy bar. There are probably more things that changed during that one event than we can even think of because they are such small changes that they slip UNDER THE RADAR of perception.

There is an unlimited amount of potential outcomes at any point in time. There are always alternatives to whatever you decide to do at a given moment in time. Even if you feel obligated to do something, there is always an endless amount of alternatives. It is by the CHOICES we make that set in stone one of the unlimited amount of possibilities to become what we call REALITY.

The CHOICE of embracing CHANGE allows us to cope with change in a much healthier way. Understanding that change is necessary is just part of learning to understand the world in which we live. Even though change seems scary, it gives us wisdom that only time and change can give. As we grow and build a storage bank full of memories we will start to compare the different eras of our lives. Seeing these differences allows us to understand that change will always happen no matter what. If we know its coming and that we can’t stop it, isn’t trying to resist it a losing battle? Hopefully you have your “aha” moment soon if you have not already.

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