4 Types of People: Ultimate Team Building

There are 4 types of people when it comes to building a team. Each type has its own set of unique skills and abilities. However, along with these strengths come weaknesses. None of these types are any better than the next, even if one SEEMS to sound better. The beauty is that for every weakness one type has, there is another type that has that strength to bridge the gap. Looking at people through this lens can help us understand how to build teams properly. The 4 types of people are doers, problem identifiers, problem solvers and systems thinkers.


Doers have an innate ability to GET THINGS DONE. They are grounded and like to get to work right away, even if they do not really have all the details. This type of person is driven by external competition and is not necessarily self-motivated as a means for achievement. They have great potential to become very successful but it usually stems from their competitive spirit instead of a burning desire to make them the best they can be.

Problem Identifiers

Problem identifiers are the inspectors of the four types. They are very good at spotting flaws in designs and logic. These people may sound like complainers at times but they are very useful in finding potential pitfalls and where critical thinking is needed. They do not usually try to venture outside of the box when solving problems however. They have a specialty in spotting faults but not necessarily fixing them.

Problem Solvers

Problem solvers only care about the PUZZLE at hand. They do not want to strain themselves with finding a problem but would rather have a problem presented to them. This type is very good at spotting out patterns and finding possible solutions. This type does NOT like to hear people offer only problems they spot with no suggestions for solutions.

Systems Thinkers

Systems thinkers look at everything as a SYSTEM. A car is a system in the sense that if you remove a part (wheels) out of the system (car) then the system no longer works. Looking at things through this scope allows this type to identify problems and how to solve them as well. By looking at something as a system, it is much easier to spot where the problem lies and what it will take to fix the problem.



Putting Them Together

Now that there has been a description of the types, we can start to see how the pieces fit together. A problem solver matched with a problem identifier creates an excellent team. One excels in spotting problems and the other at fixing problems. Next a systems thinker can lead the other two. The understanding of systems will provide a good understanding of the management system. Finally a doer will be told what to do to execute the plan. All fit together and work to make a powerhouse team.

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